Strength Training workouts

General Strength
1. 20 push ups
2. 20 chin ups
3. 20 pull ups
4. 20 single leg mountain climbers
5. 25 lunges each leg
6. 25 squats
7. 15-20 diamond push ups
8. 15 lateral squats each legs
9. 25 triceps press
10. Repeat 2 times

Hip Workout
1. Roll hips and calves 25 times with foam roller
2. Seated hip adductor 2×15 each leg (inside of thigh)
3. Standing hip flexor 2x 15 each leg (front of thigh)
4. Standing hip abductor (outside of thigh)
5. Clam shells with a band hold at top for 5 sec. 2x 15 each leg
6. One leg bridge. 2×15
7. Donkey kicks 20x
8. Donkey kick with kicking leg bent 90 degrees 20x
9. Split squat 2×15
10. Lateral squat 2×15
11. 4 way band walk 10 steps each direction 2x band at ankle and thigh
12. Rear leg elevated split squat 2×15 (one leg back on stair, squat with other leg)
13. Overhead squat 2×15 (stick above head arms straight squat butt below knees
14. Jane Fonda’s lateral leg raises 1 minute x3 each side.
15. Stretch: hip flexor and butterfly 30 seconds 2x each stretch

Lower leg/Ankles/Feet
1. Calf stretch 30 seconds two times each leg
2. Toe lifts 2×20
3. Heel walk 2×20
4. Calf raises 2×20
5. Band inversion 2×20
• Band around your ball of foot, stretch band out away from center of body and use your ankle to move toes in
6. Band eversion 2×20
• band around your ball of foot, stretch band in toward center of body and use your ankle to move toes out.
7. Toe crunch 2×20
8. Ankle circles 2×20 in both directions
9. Toe extensions
• Band around ball of foot, pull band toward head, and extend toes away from head.
10. Write the ABC’s with your toes

1. Front plank 60 second
2. Side planks 60 seconds each side
3. Supine plank 60 seconds
4. 25 V-ups
5. 50 bicycles
6. 25 leg lowers.
• lay on your back with your legs up at a 90 degree angle and lower them down slowly until they are 3-4 inches of the floor bring them back up and repeat)
7. 40 (20 each side) Rotations.
• Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold 6-10 lbs of weight          (medicine ball or dumbbell) and rotate at the waist.
8. 25 wood cutters.
•Sit on the floor with legs spread apart. Lay back with arms over head and pull up using abs into a seated position. Don’t raise your legs off the floor. Add weight as it becomes easier.
9. 25 back extensions
10. 25 donkey kicks each leg
11. 25 fire hydrants each leg

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