Interview with Me on Profiling Evil Podcast

Interview with Nicole Lowe, Yes that’s me, by Mike King from the podcast and YouTube Channel “Profiling Evil.” It’s about my memoir, Never Let Me Go.

Nicole Lowe McBride lived on the streets from ages thirteen to sixteen. She faced many of the challenges homeless youth still face today including dropping out of school, drugs, inappropriate sexual advances, hunger, cold, and physical violence. Never Let Me Go is the story of how she went from vagrant to attorney. Nicole became addicted to hallucinogenic drugs and found herself tangled in gothic cult on the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah. She escaped phyiscal and sexual violence when she fled Salt Lake with another runaway teen ending up on the streets of San Franscico. Nicole’s belief in her fantasy world, propagated by the gothic cult, was upended as she hitchhiked with her new companions selling and using drugs and trying to survive.

At age sixteen, Nicole found herself back in Salt Lake and pregnant without much of a future for herself or her unborn child. When she first held her son, it changed her life and with his love she reclaimed her determination and will to survive. With only three credits toward her high school diploma, she returned to school and began to dream about the future they could have together.  

As a single parent, Nicole graduated high school and entered college ultimately receiving her law degree from the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah in 2008. Throughout her story, Nicole interlaces her experience as an assistant attorney general in the child protection division representing the Division of Child and Family Services in child welfare cases. Nicole’s experiences as a teen parallels many of the struggles she sees in the lives of parents in the child welfare system. As an attorney, she has dedicated her career to helping these families and her book is a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit.