Are Calluses bad?


If you’ve been running for more than a few months on a consistent basis, you have calluses on your feet. Calluses form in the places where your foot rubs against your shoe. Skin builds up to protect against injury, blisters mainly.

Problem is, blisters can form underneath callouses. If you think a blister is bad, try getting one under a callus. If you get a blister on the surface of your skin it is pretty easy to treat and keep running. However, if it is under a callus it is really difficult to treat and keep running.

If you don’t have to keep running then I guess your fine to keep your calluses. I’m sure you have some large enough to name. If you do need or want (for many of us it is a need) to keep running, it’s a good idea to keep the calluses under control.

I don’t think you need to have them cut off every week. A thin layer is actually all you need to help prevent the blisters. Just file them down after long runs. Keep them under control that way, if you do get a blister underneath you can treat it and keep running.

The other problem some runners develop with calluses is they get so large they become painful or alter your gait. This is definitely bad. An altered gait can lead to other injuries.

Filing them down with a pumice stone on a regular basis is the best thing to keep them within the normal range. You can have them shaved off while you get a pedicure, but make sure you trust the person with the blade. In some state’s this is illegal because it can lead to infection. If you must have them shaved off, see a podiatrist. They know a lot about feet.

Take care of your feet, they are the only pair you have.



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