Running Socks

happyfeetmar500x310Picture from Runner’s World

$14.99 for one pair of socks! Are you shitting me? Why in gods name would I pay $14.99 for a single pair of socks. That’s insane.

Well how much do you like the skin on your feet? Maybe you are one of those lucky people who never get blisters. Perhaps you are someone who likes hot feet.

I know that running socks can be expensive, but if you buy a pair for each day you run and then wash them each week (or not), it’s not so bad. Spread it out over a couple of paychecks.

You don’t need to take out a loan. Unless you love them so much, and you might, that you wear them every single day despite the fact that they are bright green.

Having good socks is important when you are running an excess of 40 miles a week. The higher your miles the more you will appreciate good socks.

There are all types of socks out there and it can be a little expensive to find the right ones for your feet. The only rule when buying running socks? No cotton.

Cotton doesn’t wick away moisture and it doesn’t dry quickly. Moisture equals blisters and blisters equal pain. For many runners, blister pain is enough to stop them from running for days until the blister gets a tougher layer of skin.

The toe socks by Injinji are great for people who get blisters on their toes. The socks are good at stopping the friction between toes. They do take some getting used to. You can buy various thicknesses too.

There are socks, which are thin and keep your feet cool. These socks generally dry quick preventing blisters once you have splashed through a puddle or creek.

Thicker socks help to keep your feet warm during winter months. If they are made with merino wool, they will dry if your feet do get wet.

Some socks have more elasticity around your arch, adding just a little more support and preventing slippage. Socks with a thin ventilating top and a cushioned bottom are the best of both worlds. There are form-fitting socks, which are made and labeled for your right and left foot individually. Socks with double layers are great for people who get blisters along their forefoot and heel.

If you have really smelly feet or feel bad for the other people in your van when you are running a relay, you can purchase odor fighting socks.

You use your feet a lot as a runner so get some damn good socks. Unhappy feet means an unhappy runner.

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