What in the Hell do people do on the weekend?

ice knee

Last Wednesday, while doing my strength routine, my left knee popped as I twisted out of the plank position. It had never done that before. It hurt a little. I poked and prodded it, and everything felt fine, nothing was tender. I finished my workout and didn’t think about it the rest of the evening.

The next morning, I went out for a ten mile run. Around mile seven, my knee started to hurt. It didn’t hurt bad, just a small ache at the inner top corner of the knee near the spot that had popped the night before.

“Oh god,” I thought, that would be perfect, an injured knee five weeks before a 100 mile race.

I kept running, of course, the pain didn’t get worse and after two miles it went away. “Whew. Dodged that bullet.”

Once I was back home, I ate breakfast, sucked down some coffee, and got ready for work. As I was bending to get into my car, my knee hurt. In fact it hurt for the rest of the day when I bent it more than just walking. It felt like it needed to pop. The skin was tight over my knee.

“Just great, it’s swollen,” I thought. I iced my knee at lunch and wrapped it with the ace wrap I keep in my desk drawer. I Iced it when I got back from court that afternoon and again after dinner.

I knew I was out of running and cycling for the weekend. I guess I should count myself lucky that it is a low mileage weekend. But, Saturday was the first team marathon training run. So Lame.

I met up with my team Saturday morning and explained that I couldn’t run. I hung out and drank coffee with Swiss Miss, who was going to run later in the day because of child care issues.

I spent all day Saturday laid up on the couch reading. All Day! I’m antsy. I’m bored. I take the dogs for a walk since walking doesn’t hurt. By Saturday afternoon, doesn’t hurt to bend anymore, but it’s still a little swollen and hurts at that top inner corner when I squat.

I spent all day Sunday laid up on the couch reading and writing. Swelling is gone. I continue to ice, compress, elevate, and rest. The swelling is gone. I’m antsy. I’m bored. I go get coffee at Starbucks just to get out of the house. I take the dogs for a walk.

At three in the afternoon, I text J$, “What in the Hell do people do on the weekend if they can’t run and cycle?”

“They watch T.V., eat food, and sit on the couch.”

“No wonder Prozac is doing so well.”


2 thoughts on “What in the Hell do people do on the weekend?

  1. Applebums February 18, 2015 / 4:18 pm

    You’re so hilarious, especially at the end! I really recognize myself in your article. Last time someone asked me “what did you do this weekend?” – Running & writting about running. And core training. Some people always look at me as I’d be crazy – my friends do not make any comments anymore..
    Anyway. I really hope your knee will get better! Keep us update! I had to make the experience that sometimes a little break is better than pushing too hard – after I hurt myslef badly.

    • Nicole Lowe February 19, 2015 / 4:03 am

      Thanks! I’m trying to be positive. It is feeling better, but not enough to do more than shuffle along. There will be no high knees for awhile yet.

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