I’ll only run if…

oh your not a runner

Oh if I had a dollar for every person who thinks they are hilarious when they say, “Only way you’d get me to run is if a bear were chasing me. Ha ha ha,” I would be a rich runner. You know how many times I have seen the above picture posted on Facebook with me tagged from my non-runner friends? Yeah, a lot.

But really, isn’t the “bear” chasing us all?

I interpret this saying as meaning, I will run if my life depends on it.

Well, my friend, your life does depend on it.

Running makes you a happier person. It reduces your risk of cancer and cardio vascular disease. It reduces your stress level. It increases brain activity warding off problems of dementia in later years. It increases bone strength and decreases the risk of injury to your joints.

You sleep better. You get sick less often. It lowers your blood pressure. It increases your overall energy.

It makes your days off relaxing and kicking your feet up, so much more gratifying.

Running thirty minutes five days a week will extend your life by 4-5 years. Not only does running extend your life, but it improves your quality of life.

Sure, I might be training for a marathon here, a 100 miler there, an Ironman, but really I’m training for the race for my life.

From the moment we are born, the starting gun has gone off. My goal is to run all the way into the finish line and the longer the race the better.

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