Looking Forward

mueller canyon 3

Pony Express 100 was my last race for 2014. I took three full days of rest and then started back with swimming and cycling. Even when I started back up, I watched that my heart rate was not higher than it should be (which would indicate I was not recovered) and that I didn’t feel worn out afterward.

I returned to running on Friday a week after Pony Express. It felt amazing to get out on the trails with the autumn leaves carpeting the single track and the cool air tugging at my hair.

Mueller canyon 2


So what’s next you ask. Of course, I have been planning 2015 for about a month. I am always looking for that next challenge. Finding new races and encouraging my friends to join in gives me something to look forward to on those mornings when I’d rather say in bed especially through the dark cold winter months.

As usual, I have big plans. Finding races and training for them is the easy part. Paying for them all is the hard part. In March, there is an event in Moab, Utah, that has something for everyone. They have a 6 hour night run (do as much as you can in six hours), a 24 hour run, a 50k, a 50 mile, a 100 mile, and a relay option. I love these types of events because it means I can pull in all my friends who are at different levels of fitness.

Next on the schedule is the St. George half Ironman at the beginning of May, which will give me a good read on how my bike training is working out.

In the end of May is Ogden Marathon, which I am running to support two of my friends who will be completing it as their first marathon. My only goal is to get them across that finish line with a smile.

The end of June is the Coeur d’ Alene Ironman, which will be the first goal race of the year.

I can’t leave Red Rock Relay out of the plans, it is such a great time every year and getting away with my team is always interesting and a ton of fun.

The second one will be the Bear 100 in late September. If I recover well from that, I may go for a sub 24 at Pony Express.

Have you started thinking about next year?

Mueller canyon 10.24.14

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