And she’s down for the count.

down for the count

Yep, I asked for it. Fell again. I believe this week is cursed. One year ago, I stepped off an edge in the newly paved road and rolled my right ankle. It was sprained pretty badly and I didn’t take time off because I was training for Pony Express 100 and had the Red Rock Relay with my team the week after rolling it.

I’m not sure taking time off last year would have allowed me to complete Pony Express 100, because of the type of injury, high ankle sprain, which takes three months or so to heal. I made the conscious decision to continue to run on it because I was assigned to run 55 miles of the Red Rock and no one could pick up my miles one week before the race.

Admitting to being injured is difficult for me. Ask my team. I’m an over achiever and to not be able to do what I say I’m going to do is soul crushing.

I went out for my Saturday long run, 27 miles. At mile one, along the paved trail there is a road crossing and the trail does not line up well on the other side. My right foot came down just off the paved edge and I fell to the right, but during the fall I brought my left knee down and it hit the edge of the pavement. Some not so lady like words flew from my mouth.

I sat there in the dirt picking the gravel out of my knee in the dim light. I decided to finish the loop I was on and see how it felt. I knew I had hit it right on the kneecap. I didn’t think it was fractured, but that thought was definitely in the back of my mind.

I finished seven miles and decided that it was best to call it a day. I iced it at home. It’s a little swollen. If it turns awesome purples and blues I post pictures. I was able to run on the mini tramp without pain later that afternoon (it’s a sickness okay).

J$ came over to check on me at Swiss Miss’s request. See they know how I am about these injuries. I’m sure it’s not enjoyable to watch your friend run 55 miles in pain and they don’t want to repeat that experience.

J$ and I rode our bikes on the trainers, which gave me the option of stopping any time it hurt and to reduce the pressure to my knee by lowering the resistance on my tire.

Sunday was supposed to be a 20 mile run. The knee felt tons better, but was still swollen a little so I decided a rest day was in order. Monday is a swim/bike day. My next run is Tuesday, 9 miles of speed work. I may cut the speed out, but I will give the run ago.

Falling, as I said before, is a part of running and cycling. But to fall twice in one week is really irksome. Especially, because the fall has now forced me to take time off. I will listen to my body and let it heal using the RICE method, but I’m not at all happy about it.


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