Spring In My Steps

The transition from the icy gloom of winter to blooming life of spring, energizes and excites me. The rise of the sun before my feet return me  to my front door. The birds welcoming the new day, a new beginning. Spring is when runners of all distances decide which races to run for the year. Many cross a finish line before the summer heat settles upon them.

Salt Lake City Marathon is only two weeks away. An email from Salt Lake Marathon patiently waited for me to finish my long run yesterday morning. The email provided training tips, such as build a base, follow a training calendar, add core training, stretching, and running with friends. A little late don’t you think? Two weeks before the race! seriously. I hope you all have been doing these things long before two weeks ago.

I’ve already run two races this year. The New Year’s Revolution in January which is run on a indoor track . I ran my long run of 22 miles. The Buffalo Run 50 miler in March. So what’s to come? Salt Lake Marathon in two weeks, Salt Flats 100 in three weeks, Wasatch Back Ragnar in June, Red Rock Relay in September, and Pony Express 100 in October.

In this blog, I will be posting about all issues of running from the 5k-100 miles. It will include topics such as, training, nutrition, stretching, strengthening, cross training, and much more. It will all be flavored and marbled with my experiences in life as a single mom, full time attorney, and aspiring writer. My hope is to gather a community of people and inspire them to achieve not just running goals, but life goals too.

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